our Operations
Our Fleet

SRC promises to provide all our clients with a 24-hour turnaround time and to guarantee this service we have a large fleet of trucks at our disposal.

Our fleet consists of 50 vehicles ranging from 1 ton Bakkies to 15 ton trucks. These vehicles are an essential part of our business and many of them are equipped with skips, bin lifters and cranes with grabs to ensure maximum efficiency within the metal recycling industry.

Our Machinary
Briquetting Press

Increasing performance whilst decreasing cost for downtime




    • Unique double-sided pressing technology
    • Closed system of forces and pre-stressed tension rods
    • Non-contact position measuring system, integrated in the hydraulic cylinders
    • Flexible briquette length and density adapted to customer´s requirements
    • Highly efficient tool lubrication via short-blast injection valves
    • Electric oil-level monitoring system
    • Multi-functional terminal supports operations and any troubleshooting (Human Machine Interface visualization)




    • Compact design for easy maintenance access, PLC controlled operation and malfunction monitoring system (HMI)
    • Large pipe diameters for high efficiency and low energy loss
    • High capacity and availability
    • Smooth, controlled material feeding
    • Separation and collection of adherent oil / emulsions
    • Diverse briquette diameters to meet customers’ needs
    • Two sided compaction: high uniform density and minimized fines abrasion during briquette handling



Performing intelligently with least downtime

Double-compacted, sells better


Metso EtaBriq® is used to process nearly all types of metal chips, supporting a variety of applications.


Briquettes of excellent quality


The material to be briquetted is to be loaded into the dosing bunker of the briquetter. From there the chips are continuously fed into the press-chamber. The amount of chips forwarded by the oscillator is controlled by the SPS.

The main ram forwards and pushes the chips against the counter ram, which is also moving forward. The chips are compressed from both sides.

After final compression the ready made briquette is ejected.

All functions retract back into their home positions and the briquetter starts the next pressing cycle.

Scrap sheer


  • Lid and side compression – larger overstroke
  • Precise cutting – increase in blade life
  • Easy blade service – with online monitoring
  • Precise controls – guaranteed control of the production process
  • Intelligent hydraulic management – single control block for entire machine harmonization



  • Quality and availability
  • Bolt-on wear plates and maintenance-free position measuring sensors
  • The control system switchgear and the electric drive are installed in a container

A metso shear with a sophisticated technology

The Metso PowerCut metal scrap shear is the perfect machine for the mid-size scrap yard or mid-size capacity needs for shearing medium-heavy, bulky mixed steel scrap.


First the scrap is fed into the press bed. It is then compacted by the lid and side press. Whether or not the top press operates using overtravel depends upon which program is selected. In the fourth stage, the scrap is compacted by the feeder pusher from the rear. The pusher moves the compacted scrap forward to the cutting area in the shear frame.