Our history

Family Business



Star Scrap Metals (SSM) was founded in 1994 by Marlene and Darryl Starkey. Darryl, an industry stalwart with 23 years’ experience at the time, seized the opportunity to take over a subsidiary of Universal Recycling Co. (URC) in the December of that year. The husband and wife duo forged a formidable partnership and would lay the foundations for one of the most well respected names in the recycling industry.


  • 1994 – 1999: Steady growth was enjoyed under the “New South Africa” with revived international trade relations and business confidence levels at a high
  • 1999: Saw the joining of their eldest son Quintin Starkey into the business taking on the role of marketing and customer service
  • 2001: Saw Jonathon Starkey join the family business, fresh from a diesel mechanic apprenticeship and would learn valuable lessons in the businesses operations in the ensuing years
  • 2001-2008: ‘Times of plenty’ commodity prices climb to all-time highs in both the Ferrous and Non Ferrous markets.




2008 saw the global economic crisis take full effect, with the commodities sector being worst hit and the recycling industry not escaping the crunch and is still reeling from the effects of those perilous times. Below are some market indicators of what commodity prices have done over the last few years.


At this time, Star Metals, Alex Trading and Wynburg Waste entered into discussions with the view of merging of the three companies. The benefits at the time were knowledge sharing, market consolidations through horizontal integration. Each company being well established and an expert in its own field.

  • 2010: Saw the formation of Metalco Recycling (Pty)Ltd (merger between Star, Alex and Wynburg)
  • 2010 – Present: Metalco navigates it was through times of uncertainty. Due to the decrease in commodity prices, revenues decline and costs increase, putting pressure on the company in its current format and directors discuss the future and sustainability of the business
  • 2016: Directors mutually agree to dissolve the merger done in 2010



Back to Basics


As at the 1st September 2016. Star Recycling Company will begin a new chapter in its 22 year history, led by Quintin and Jonathon Starkey. We are optimistic on the future and with better containment of cost and a more streamlined business, focusing on its original core strengths, the business can continue to navigate its way through these times of uncertainty and position itself to take advantage once markets start to improve. Improve they must.

Strong, long-term relationships, with both consumers and suppliers, will ensure that Star Recycling remains a market leader in the recycling environment.